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Consumers want retailers to invest in sustainability

Acosta, a global integrated sales and marketing services provider in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, today released its latest research report, Sustainability Impact on Purchase […]

Superfoods: The Commercial Strategy aimed at Good Health

Food is needed in quantity and quality for its adequate consumption and biological use to ensure a state of general well-being and allow people’s healthy development. […]

Be good to your heart with fruits & veggies

Is important to highlight the many ways our fruits and veggies fuel and maintain a healthy heart. Versatile veggies and fruit can be added to a […]

Produce Marketing Association and United Fresh Produce Association Form New International Fresh Produce Association

The wait is over. Though the announcement was made just this March, excitement has built into great anticipation of the official merger of the Produce Marketing […]

PMA announces Online Fresh Ideas Showcase

Produce Marketing Association has announced that an Online Fresh Ideas Showcase, where companies can share their innovative products and services, will be available for buyers to see the […]

USDA Announces Steps to Build More Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Food Systems

The Department of Agriculture highlighted $5 billion in planned investments and several steps it has taken to advance the goals of ending hunger and malnutrition and […]

Texas International Produce Association Announces Third Annual Clean Eating Challenge

Healthy eating is more than a fad—it is a way of life. Amplifying the produce-based lifestyle, Texas International Produce Association (TIPA) is rallying industry members to participate […]

FDA Assesses Impact of Whole Genome Sequencing Program

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration published a study on the effectiveness of the GenomeTrakr Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Network, a scientific tool that helps the FDA detect, investigate […]

3 ways carbon ag matters to produce companies

Carbon agriculture is here, and there are opportunities for produce growers and companies to benefit from them. But it’s early in the process, and it’s complicated. […]