Interview: Jose Carlos Alvarez Ortega – President of the CEDH

In an important interview, Mr. Jose Carlos Alvarez Ortega – President of the State Human Rights Commission (CEDH) shares with us the work of this organization […]

Interview: Pedro Sancha – President & CEO at NSF

1. Could you share a little bit of your career path and how has your experience been working at NSF? My career path has taken me […]

Interview: Pedro Monjardin Monzon – Citrus Manufacturing Leader at Agricola Belher

We had the opportunity to talk to Pedro Monjardín, a young enthusiast currently leading the citrus manufacturing area at Agrícola BelHer. Interviewed for Veggies From Mexico, […]

Interview: Mario Haroldo Robles Escalante – CIDH CEO

In an interesting interview for Veggies From Mexico, Mr. Mario Haroldo Robles Escalante shares with us his more than five decades of experience in the fresh […]

Interview: Hector Garza – Director of Industry Relations at Texas International Produce Association

1. Could you share a bit of your professional career with us? It’s been almost 10 years of working directly for the fresh produce industry. Something […]

Interview: Lance Jungmeyer – President at Fresh Produce Association of The Americas

We had the chance to interview Lance Jungermeyer, Chairman of the Fresh Produce Association of The Americas in Nogales, Arizona. He told us about his experience […]

Interview: Nadia Pasco – CEO Azzule Systems

Being interviewed by Veggies From Mexico, Nadia Pasco tells us about her career at Azzule Systems, her experience in collaborating for the farming industry, the main […]

Interview: Germán Ever Alfaro Ibarra

In an interesting interview for Veggies From México on technology and innovation and the application of these in the farming sector, German Alfaro Ibarra shares with […]

Interview: Hipólito Álvarez Hernández – Agroindustrias Tombell

Hipólito is a Biochemist with a Master’s Degree in Food Sciences and Technologies. His professional beginnings were at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology lab at the […]