Agricola Chaparral – Veggies From Mexico

Grupo Chaparral organizes a Health and Education Fair

On March 29th, Grupo Chaparral, with the support of its Social Responsibility department, organized the Health and Education Fair at the Esmeralda and La Paloma fields. […]

Awarding of the “Company Committed to Human Rights” Distinction

On Wednesday, December 14, the “Companies Committed to Human Rights” distinction was awarded in the multipurpose room of the Sinaloa State Human Rights Commission.  It is […]

“The most important asset is our People”: Annual Convention of Grupo Chaparral

Since 2019, every August, Grupo Chaparral holds a convention where all the companies of the Group are present, which is oriented to all the leaders: Heads […]

Agricola Chaparral renew their Fair Trade certification

We congratulate Agricola Chaparral proudly member of our Veggies From Mexico community for  renewing their Fair Trade certificate on Social Responsibility and Sustainability; based on the […]

Learn more about Agrícola Chaparral in this Virtual Tour

We are very pleased to invite you to learn about the packing process of Agrícola Chaparral, a proud member of our Veggies From Mexico community. In […]

Agrícola Chaparral is working for its “Fair Trade” recertification

Agrícola Chaparral, a member of the Veggies From Mexico community, is in the process of renewing its Fair Trade certification. As this is the first year […]

Sinaloa is the heart of Divine Flavor’s veg programs

For Divine Flavor, nothing says fresh more than a sweet and mildly spiced Bell pepper, a juicy rich tomato, or a fresh crisp cucumber coming from Sinaloa, […]

Agrícola Chaparral publishes an Environmental Impact for the 2020-2021 Season

In order to regulate Agrícola Chaparral’s operation in environmental care and preservation, and given the strong conviction to support the environment where it develops, the company […]

Veggies From Mexico Growers celebrate their traditional “Posadas”

During December, the companies making up the Veggies From Mexico growing community celebrate their traditional Christmas parties for the children of field workers. Boys and girls […]