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FDA-TRACK: Food Safety Dashboards

To prevent foodborne illness and foster good nutrition, the FDA monitors domestic and foreign companies and the food that they produce. We then use the data […]

The Year Ahead: Food safety & traceability

According to the CDC’s Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network (FoodNet), there were 26 percent fewer foodborne infections in 2020 compared with the average annual number from […]

Global food safety topics for 2022

What will the New Year bring? We can’t be sure about everything but we already know a few things in store in 2022. Coronavirus will still […]

Imports of bell peppers from Mexico grow as marketing window for U.S.-grown produce shrinks

U.S. fresh vegetable imports are higher than ever and help satisfy rising consumer demand for year-round produce, according to reports from USDA’s Economic Research Service. Imports […]

Fresh Produce Association of the Americas Names New Board Members for Upcoming Term

As The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) maps out its blueprint for the next few years, the association is building a dynamic team of […]

Produce Marketing Association and United Fresh Produce Association Form New International Fresh Produce Association

The wait is over. Though the announcement was made just this March, excitement has built into great anticipation of the official merger of the Produce Marketing […]

Interview: Nadia Pasco – CEO Azzule Systems

Being interviewed by Veggies From Mexico, Nadia Pasco tells us about her career at Azzule Systems, her experience in collaborating for the farming industry, the main […]

Monthly Column: Blockchain & Farming

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about FinTech and farming. We were discussing the new technologies that will revolution both our industry and our […]

The quiet resurgence of QR codes

QR codes were a dog. They didn’t make much sense a decade ago when mobile responsive websites were the exception, not the rule. They required a […]