Sustainability is a top priority for most retailers

For most retailers, sustainability is a primary priority for their businesses. According to The Packer’s 2022 Sustainability Insights Survey*, 50% of retailers reported that sustainability was […]

The power of plant-based salads

If you’re looking to take your health journey to the next level, a plant-based diet might be a great option for you. Looking to change to […]

Seven produce industry trends of 2022

As we crest the first half of the calendar year, Vanguard shares seven top trends facing the produce industry in 2022. 1. Supply chain pain Delays […]

The guide to Food Marketing: trends, strategies, and more

Food marketing professionals are using new techniques to help their clients reach consumers while still catering to the specific needs of food consumers. The food industry […]

How to get your kids to love veggies 4 simple ways

Getting your kids to love vegetables will of course aid in their overall growth and development but by creating healthy lifestyle habits, it will also help […]

Ministry of Economy introduces the program “Expórtate de Sinaloa para el Mundo”

Culiacan, Sinaloa, August 11th, 2022. With the purpose of promoting Sinaloa companies in global markets, the Expórtate program was officially announced, which includes an agreement with […]

Questions to ask about improving food safety

Consumer confidence in fresh produce hinges on many factors, including food safety. More than 50% of Americans consider foodborne illness a top food safety concern, and […]

3 Steps to Kickstart Your Food Safety Culture Program

Famed management scholar Peter Druker once claimed, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” While strategy is important, company culture ultimately drives the success. But culture is a […]

Proposed traceability rule:  A perspective from the produce industry

From the United Fresh Produce Association Traceability Work Group Traceability re-emerged as a topic of produce industry focus when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) […]