Veggies From Mexico meets with World Vision Mexico to encourage the promotion of programs for children and adolescents in Mexico

In January, we had the opportunity to meet with World Vision Mexico, an international organization that has been one of the leading promoters of the wellbeing […]

The companies of the Veggies from Mexico community celebrate their “posadas”

With great joy, the grower companies that belong to our Veggies from Mexico community celebrate their traditional “posadas” for the children of the farm workers. the […]

Veggies From Mexico will participate in Sinaloa Encanta

SINALOA ENCANTA is where the big business is making friends. SINALOA ENCANTA is where everything is business among friends. SINALOA ENCANTA is where everything is said […]

Sinaloa’s agricultural companies join as allies against hunger and food waste hand in hand with the Food Bank of Culiacan

In the state of Sinaloa, according to CONEVAL, more than there are more than 850 thousand people are living in poverty, of which, in 2022, Banco […]

Agricola Belher organizes a toy collection program

Businessmen of Culiacan join in a donation program to give joy to the children of migrant farm workers of the company Agricola Belher. The event took […]

Editorial: From Sinaloa to the Whole World

Sinaloa has been a pioneer in the production of Mexican vegetables for export markets. At the beginning of the last century, the first tomatoes from this […]

Know More about Veggies From Mexico: Testing Program

The purpose of testing programs is to plan which laboratory analyses will be applied in an operation to validate that the control measures implemented are effective. […]

Awarding of the “Company Committed to Human Rights” Distinction

On Wednesday, December 14, the “Companies Committed to Human Rights” distinction was awarded in the multipurpose room of the Sinaloa State Human Rights Commission.  It is […]

Veggies From Mexico attends GLOBALG.A.P.’s National Technical Working Groups

GLOBALG.A.P.’s philosophy is “Think globally, act locally”. This is one of the reasons why GLOBALG.A.P. members have established National Technical Working Groups (NTWGs) in several countries […]