Social Responsibility – Veggies From Mexico
Gabriel Rauz Robles Administrative Assistant at Agrícola Belher

Working for a better future

At the age of 22, Gabriel is studying for a degree in business administration while working as an administrative assistant at Agrícola Belher, who received him […]
Marisol Reyes Altamirano Shelter Manager at Agrícola Belher

Big Little Steps

Marisol is a woman who has succeeded to be better every day, and even with no professional studies, she is now the manager of a shelter […]
Carmen Marisa Olivas Durán Social Worker at Agrícola Belher

A caring nature

Marisa is in charge of the nursery at Campo Dorita, one of the shelters of Agrícola Belher. She has a degree in social work and is […]
Salvador López García Food Safety Assistant at Agrícola Belher

No challenge incomplete

Salvador is originally from Veracruz and is the son of migrant farmworker parents. In 2015, he graduated university with a degree in engineering in sustainable agricultural […]
Francisco Javier Arredondo Loyola Food Safety Coordinator at Vitanova Fresh Produce

From student to master

Francisco, an agronomist from Sinaloa de Leyva, is the food safety coordinator for Vitanova Fresh Produce; he obtained first place in the evaluation for the Eleven […]