Sustainability tops Hispanic Shoppers’ lists

When selecting a supermarket within their community, Hispanic shoppers aren’t just looking for the closest in proximity or a recognizable name. They are looking for a […]

Jon Esformes Details Sunripe Certified Brands’ Sustainability Approach

There’s a certain sense of accomplishment in being one of the first supporters of a goal you strongly believe in, an original backer, if you will. […]

EU continues strong support to promote sustainable agri-food products in 2022

For 2022, a total of €185.9 million was allocated to the promotion of EU agri-food products in and outside the EU. Similarly to 2021, next year’s promotion policy work […]

Sustainability is a top priority for most retailers

For most retailers, sustainability is a primary priority for their businesses. According to The Packer’s 2022 Sustainability Insights Survey*, 50% of retailers reported that sustainability was […]

Interview: Pedro Sancha – President & CEO at NSF

1. Could you share a little bit of your career path and how has your experience been working at NSF? My career path has taken me […]

Cárdenas foundation in collaboration with Caffenio and Accionarse publish a video about the importance of farm workers for the fresh produce industry

In August, Cardenas Foundation in collaboration with Caffenio y Accionarse launched an educational video, which is part of the program “Video stories with value: social responsibility […]

Know more about Veggies From Mexico: Reception and Storage of Materials and Supplies

The implementation of procedures for the reception and storage of materials and inputs, including raw materials, is of vital importance because they reflect the standardized processes […]

Wholesum celebrates 10 Years of Fair Trade certification

Wholesum, a Fair Trade Certified grower and shippers of organic fresh produce, announces its 10th anniversary of Fair Trade Certification. Wholesum has always maintained a strong […]

EFI consumer behavior survey shows high interest in sustainability

“We saw a fairly narrow divide between the values-based socially conscious shoppers and the general consumers when it comes to attitudes about social responsibility” “All shoppers […]