Doing the right thing where it all starts

At Veggies from Mexico we believe that the commitment to quality must be present at every step of the production chain. That is why it is crucial to do the right thing where the chain starts – with our workers.

We ensure the well-being of farmworkers and their families with access to health services.


Good education for farmworkers and their children and an ever-improving quality of life.



Housing beneficiaries Housing and electricity is provided at no cost for the entire family


Medical attention beneficiaries
Inhouse company supported medical attention



Adult education recipients
Adults continue their education while at work



Child daycare beneficiaries
Children are provided with day care and daily meals at inhouse daycare centers

Good for people,
good for the planet


Elementary, junior high and highschool students are provided with transportation at no cost


Medical campaigns Vaccination, ​d​ental check-ups, ​eye exams, ​mammograms, ​b​one densitometry and ​health talk

81.6 ton

Adults continue their education while at work


Making a positive difference

Social Responsibility News


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