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Veggies From Mexico has a successful start of its training program

We started our annual online training program on August 18 through the Zoom platform, for the 2021-2022 season. Year after year, at the beginning of the […]

The Label as a Safety Tool: Learn About a Label for Pesticides

Pesticide labels contain detailed information on how to properly use the product, as they provide information on the potential hazards related to the product, and the […]

México: Senasica and producers seek to strengthen sanitary and food safety tasks. 

In order for Mexican producers to become more involved in the programs of safety, plant and animal health operated by the Government of Mexico, the National Service for Agrifood […]

Mexico, US and Canada Unite Forces to Fight Climate Change

Mexico, the US and Canada have agreed to collaborate and share information in regards to technology generation models for climate change. The Ministry of Agriculture and […]

10 Ways to Prioritize Water Quality

Farmers commonly focus their attention on conservation planning by thinking through planning issues that deal with nutrient management, soil health or a particular problem spot on […]

Why the EU Introduced Food Safety Culture Legislation?

The European Union added food safety culture to its regulation. We dig into a bit of the how and why, and what others are saying about […]

WHO and FAO stress role of science and technology in food safety efforts

The chief scientists of FAO and WHO highlighted the role of science in keeping food safe while stressing the importance of technology during a webinar earlier […]

What can farmers expect? 15 Food Trends in 2021 and Beyond

The food industry worked hard during the global pandemic adapting to change. COVID-19 rewrote the playbook for grocery stores. What can farmers expect from food trends in […]

Gold Coast Packing adds plant-based ceviche to their products catalog

Innovation has always been the cornerstone of Gold Coast’s growth strategy, and the company’s newest item, Vegetable Ceviche is the first to market for a seafood substitute. […]