Women in Produce – Veggies From Mexico

Yolanda Rodríguez Rodríguez – Social Promotion Manager at Agrícola Chaparral

. We, women, are an example of self-improvement, strength, and intelligence. With the ability to solve and overcome the adversities that we face every day. For […]

Laura Villa Beltran – Supervisor of Quality and Safety Control at “Agricola Chaparral”

Women no longer play a single role because nowadays they are independent and autonomous, much of this also has to do with the economic situation of […]

Clara Yazmín Parra López – Head of Certifications at Agroexportadora del Noroeste

“Give a good seed to the field and you will reap a good harvest. Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world”. […]

Griselda Camacho Beltrán – Food Safety Coordinator at “SL Agricola”

. As a woman, I am proud to belong to that third of the world’s population dedicated to agriculture, where working women are recognized for their […]

Chrysthian Marisol Castro Sandoval – Innovation and Continuous Improvement Manager at Agrícola Belher

Women are agents of change in our society, they represent a growing force of human talent and creativity. That is why International Women’s Day represents an […]

Livier Ugalde Armenta – Certification Manager at “Agricola Campaña”

Being a woman in the agricultural sector has been a significant challenge, but at the same time, I am proud to know that our leadership contributes […]

Miriam Stephania Prado Lopez – Food Safety and Security Supervisor at Tombell Agroindustries

“Magic is not necessary to change the world, but the involvement of women with their great inner power is necessary to achieve it”. Miriam Prado

Yadira Guadalupe Soto Cervantes – Social Work Coordinator in Tricar

Today women play different roles in society, we are workers, mothers, independent, and of course great pillars to the economy of our country. Despite the obstacles, […]

Sofia Colio Montoya – Chief of Continuos Improvement and Food Safety at Del Campo y Asociados

Today, women play a leading role in the agricultural sector, and we have demonstrated our ability to overcome the challenges we face every day. It is […]