Del Campo y Asociados – Veggies From Mexico

The finals of the 12th Edition of the Culiacán Valley Agricultural Sports Leagues were successfully held

Culiacán, Sinaloa – Last Sunday, April 2, the final soccer categories of the teams representing the horticultural companies of Culiacán and Navolato took place at the […]

Sofia Colio Montoya – Chief of Continuos Improvement and Food Safety at Del Campo y Asociados

Today, women play a leading role in the agricultural sector, and we have demonstrated our ability to overcome the challenges we face every day. It is […]

Del Campo y Asociados celebrates with workers the Agronomist Day

Last February 22, Del Campo y Asociados farming company, a member of our Veggies From México community, celebrated with workers the agronomist day. The company CEOs […]

Agricola Del Campo y Asociados promotes vaccination against COVID-19 to farm workers

During February, Del Campo y Asociados, a member of our Veggies From México community, carried out a health promotion campaign, inviting its farm workeres to get […]

The Opening Meeting for internal audit on social responsibility was held at Del Campo y Asociados

Audits performed within the Veggies From Mexico community, by means of Eleven Rivers, are based on worldwide accepted methodologies. With these, we are not only evaluating […]

Veggies From Mexico Growers celebrate their traditional “Posadas”

During December, the companies making up the Veggies From Mexico growing community celebrate their traditional Christmas parties for the children of field workers. Boys and girls […]

Farming Companies from the Veggies From Mexico Community celebrate the Day of the Dead Tradition

The Day of the Dead, celebrated on November 1-2, is one of the most significant Mexican traditions, where the living prepare to receive their dead and […]