Editorial: Bilateral Meeting between SENASICA, FDA, and CAADES

On August 24 I had the opportunity to represent CAADES Sinaloa at the bilateral meeting between the U.S. Food and Drug Administration – FDA, SENASICA, and […]

Veggies From Mexico executives meet with public sector institutions in Sinaloa

As part of the process of promoting the Veggies from Mexico (Eleven Rivers Growers) community, we visited different organizations and government agencies in Sinaloa. As you […]

FDA and Mexican Counterparts Report Progress and Next Steps for Food Safety Partnership

As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of food imported from Mexico and advance protections for consumers in both countries, the Food and Drug […]


Sustainability   As you all must know, Sinaloa farmers have always characterized for being leaders in produce farming and exports. As we said a couple of […]