Introducing the new version of our website: veggiesfrommexico.com

Are you ready? Starting in November you will be able to browse our new version of the www.veggiesfrommexico.com website designed to highlight our message: our community […]

Veggies From Mexico is a new member of GlobalG.A.P.

In October Veggies from Mexico became a new member of GlobalG.A.P. By becoming a member, we accept a mutual commitment to make a positive change in […]

Agrícola Chaparral conducts training on Human Rights: Prevention of Workplace Harassment

Last October at the start of this farming season, Grupo Chaparral, through the Sinaloa State Human Rights Commission, carried out a training program on Human Rights, […]

Plant-based snack foods increasingly popular

Consumers are more and more moving toward a healthier lifestyle and this includes shifting to better-for-you products and a focus on individual wellness needs. No matter […]

Top 5 reasons why vegetables fuel healthy lives

1. STAY HYDRATED Let’s kick it off by staying young! Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to prevent premature aging, but it can be […]

Sustainability tops Hispanic Shoppers’ lists

When selecting a supermarket within their community, Hispanic shoppers aren’t just looking for the closest in proximity or a recognizable name. They are looking for a […]

Know more about Veggies From Mexico: Social Programs – Child Nutrition

As a continuation of the Social Programs section, we will talk about Child Nutrition and some of the actions that are currently being implemented in the […]

Climate vs. Technology in Mexico and its impact on agriculture

Climate vs Technology: Using technology is learning to take advantage of it and enhance it. Dr. Jorge Flores Velázquez, Agronomist in Protected Agriculture, assigned to the […]

Sustainability is a top priority for most retailers

For most retailers, sustainability is a primary priority for their businesses. According to The Packer’s 2022 Sustainability Insights Survey*, 50% of retailers reported that sustainability was […]