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Del Campo y Asociados company celebrates The Three Wise Men Day for children of their workers

On Jan 6, the farming company, which is part of the Veggies From Mexico Community held their traditional Three Wise Men Day celebrations for the children […]

The Opening Meeting for internal audit on social responsibility was held at Del Campo y Asociados

Audits performed within the Veggies From Mexico community, by means of Eleven Rivers, are based on worldwide accepted methodologies. With these, we are not only evaluating […]

Farming companies provide programs for training and care for workers and their families

The community of farmers from Sinaloa, Veggies from Mexico, has a consistent development and educational training program for employees working in their lands and their families. […]

Social Programs – Daycare Facility

Eleven Rivers/Veggies from Mexico is a community composed by farmers from Sinaloa, committed to constant improvement of its production processes and activities; being in full compliance […]

Veggies From Mexico Growers celebrate their traditional “Posadas”

During December, the companies making up the Veggies From Mexico growing community celebrate their traditional Christmas parties for the children of field workers. Boys and girls […]

Agrícola Belher provides academic assistance for children of farming workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated changes and disruptions in a wide variety of sectors of human activities. Education has had various effects due to the closure […]

Daycare facility personnel of Agrícola El Porvenir Company were trained on Neuromotor development

During November, daycare facility personnel of Agrícola El Porvenir company; a member of the Veggies From Mexico community, received a training to implement the Neuromotor and […]

Agrícola Chaparral and Agroindustrias Tombell signed a cooperation agreement with the Human Rights State Committee

In order to continue promoting an environment of respect for human rights, Agrícola Chaparral and Agroindustrias Tombell, members of our Veggies From Mexico community and the […]

Introducing the 2021-2022 Agrícola Belher’s audit program

During November, the Innovation and Continuous Improvement team at Agrícola Belher introduced the annual program of internal and external audits to all the area leaders across […]