AARFS delivered its third Work Report and its new Managing Board

On February 19, Asociación de Agricultores del Río Fuerte Sur (AARFS) chaired by Marte Nicolás Vega Román delivered its Work Report from the 2019-2021 Managing Board. […]

Agricola Del Campo y Asociados promotes vaccination against COVID-19 to farm workers

During February, Del Campo y Asociados, a member of our Veggies From México community, carried out a health promotion campaign, inviting its farm workeres to get […]

1959: For the health of our workers

If we are talking social responsibility in farming, Agrícola Campaña is a perfect example of it due to its origin and meaning. Located at the heart […]

Banco de Alimentos de Culiacán presents its 2021 Report

By the end of January, Banco de Alimentos de Culiacán presented its annual report with regards to the activities performed during 2021. Among the most significant […]

AMHPAC presents the Regional Study on Farming and Working Conditions in the Culiacan Valley

Last February 11, the Mexican Association of Protected Horticulture performed the development of the Regional Study on Farming and Working Conditions in the Culiacan Valley, executed […]

Monthly Column: Agri-food Industry

Although all sectors support the Mexican economy, there are some sectors which are more representative than others. For the last 20 years, the agri-food sector has […]

Agrochemicals Management (Pesticides)

The purpose of farming is to produce enough food to meet the population demand, with these products being of good quality and food safety in order […]

Veggies From Mexico Sets New Standards on Food Safety and Social Responsibility; Antonio Beltrán Ochoa Shares

CULIACÁN, SINALOA, MEXICO – If you look closely at the building blocks of nearly any success story, you will see the community of people who supported it. […]

Agrícola Belher has Persian Limes available all year round

Agrícola Belher, one of the companies which are part of the Veggies From Mexico Community has been growing Persian Lemon for the last 5 years, and […]