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Veggies From Mexico ends training program in September

During September, 11 online training sessions were performed through the Zoom platform for the 2021-2022 season, with very important subjects for the farming industry, such as […]

Veggies From Mexico Provides Internal Auditing Services in Northern Sinaloa

Starting on August this year, we are now providing the Service of Internal Auditing in Northern Sinaloa, our staff is making visits weekly and provides advisory […]

Agrícola Belher reiterated their commitment with the Un Kilo de Ayuda Program | For a fuller and healthier childhood

Last September 10, Agrícola Belher was visited by Jose Ignacio Ávalos – Chairman and Founder of Un Kilo de Ayuda and his management team, Officers from […]

Grupo Salinas and Fundación Azteca awarded our fellow Farmer from Sinaloa Eduardo Leyson as Citizen of the Year

On September 20, Grupo Salinas and Fundación Azteca awarded recognition to the Farmer from Sinaloa and Veggies From Mexico member Eduardo Leyson Castro as Citizen of […]

Monthly Column: Practical tools for exporters

For beginners and not so much, in fresh produce production and exports; it takes time to find tools that enable them to make better choices and […]

Know more about Veggies From Mexico: Mobbing and Harassment

The Eleven Rivers/Veggies from Mexico community is composed by a group of farmers from Sinaloa, who are looking to set themselves apart from other areas, by […]

Veggies From Mexico has a successful start of its training program

We started our annual online training program on August 18 through the Zoom platform, for the 2021-2022 season. Year after year, at the beginning of the […]

The Label as a Safety Tool: Learn About a Label for Pesticides

Pesticide labels contain detailed information on how to properly use the product, as they provide information on the potential hazards related to the product, and the […]

Veggies From Mexico starts its Annual Training Program for the 2021 Season

We are ready to start our training for the 2021 – 2022 Season. Connect with us during August and September and get trained on the most […]