Agrícola Belher reiterated their commitment with the Un Kilo de Ayuda Program | For a fuller and healthier childhood

Last September 10, Agrícola Belher was visited by Jose Ignacio Ávalos – Chairman and Founder of Un Kilo de Ayuda and his management team, Officers from […]

Working for a better future

At the age of 22, Gabriel is studying for a degree in business administration while working as an administrative assistant at Agrícola Belher, who received him […]

Big Little Steps

Marisol is a woman who has succeeded to be better every day, and even with no professional studies, she is now the manager of a shelter […]

A caring nature

Marisa is in charge of the nursery at Campo Dorita, one of the shelters of Agrícola Belher. She has a degree in social work and is […]

No challenge incomplete

Salvador is originally from Veracruz and is the son of migrant farmworker parents. In 2015, he graduated university with a degree in engineering in sustainable agricultural […]

From student to master

Francisco, an agronomist from Sinaloa de Leyva, is the food safety coordinator for Vitanova Fresh Produce; he obtained first place in the evaluation for the Eleven […]