Interview: Dante Galeazzi -President and CEO of Texas International Produce Association (TIPA)

As Dante Galeazzi grew up, he was already a part of the fresh produce industry. When he was a child, his family grew a variety of […]

Interview: Lance Jungmeyer – President at Fresh Produce Association of The Americas

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Interview: Mauricio Castelo – Division of Produce Safety FDA

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Interview: Nadia Pasco – CEO Azzule Systems

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Interview: Nancy Tucker – Former PMA Vice President

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Interview: Germán Ever Alfaro Ibarra

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Interview: Alfredo Díaz Belmontes about AMHPAC’s Annual Convention

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Interview: Hipólito Álvarez Hernández – Agroindustrias Tombell

Hipólito is a Biochemist with a Master’s Degree in Food Sciences and Technologies. His professional beginnings were at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology lab at the […]

Interview: PhD. Cristobal Chaidez Quiroz

Interview: PhD. Cristóbal Chaidez Quiroz PhD. Cristóbal Chaidez Quiroz is a worldwide and nationwide renowned researcher. He has over 16 years of professional expertise in the […]