Agrícola El Nazario

The Grower: Juan Fernando González Rubio

GR Fresh started as a family company in 1943 with the vision of our founder Mr. Juan González Reyes. We are a company that has the highest quality standards in the production, packaging, transport and marketing of fresh produce.

Our success is provide our consumers with the highest and freshness products available in the market. The diversity of our geographical coverage and alliances with others producers allows us to ensure the continuous production and supply of our products all year long.

Our trajectory has given us national and international recognition, however, we have the vision to expand our own distribution centers and trademarks to other areas. We currently commercialized our products in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico’s city; As well as in McAllen, San Antonio, Texas and Nogales, Arizona.

At GR Fresh we have an area of continuous development. Our production packaging, transportation and cold storage facilities are evaluated by integrated system of both international and national certifications, that guarantee the excellence of our food and the safety of its consumption.


Sales Contact:
Luis Webb
P. +1 (956) 631 8135

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Tiers & Certifications


Food Safety
PrimusGFS, GlobalG.A.P., NOP and SENASICA (SRRC), C-TPAT (Supply Chain Security)

Social Responsibility
SMETA, Company Committed to Human Rights Distinction, ESR Distinction


5 Reyes, Nazario 

Roma Tomato NOV-JUN
Azulan Cucumber NOV-JUN
Roma TomatoNOV-JUN
Azulan CucumberNOV-JUN
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